1    The adviser client relationship 

1.1    How does the client's capacity affect advice
1.2   Dealing with third parties under lasting powers of attorney 
1.3   Vulnerable and older client safeguarding
1.4   Confidentially in relation to third parties and the client's family ​

2    Understanding the impact of later life lending advice 

2.1    Cost v flexibility - appropriate cash reserves 
2.2   Retirement interest only (ROI) and lifetime mortgages 
2.3   Changes in circumstances 

3    Lending for long-term care funding 

3.1    Care at home v residential care funding 
3.2   The family home - means testing and asset deprivation 
3.3   Local Authority Deferred Payment Agreements (DPAs) 
3.4   Later Life Lending and other property issues ​

4    Cognitive decline and the importance of older & vulnerable client communications 

4.1    Cognitive decline and the effects of ageing and age-related conditions and symptoms 
4.2   The importance of good engagement skills when advising the older and vulnerable client
4.3   Appointments - timing, environment and meeting length