Standard 1:  Technical Knowledge (qualifications)

  • Equity Release qualification certificate
  • Mortgage qualification certificate
  • Consumer Vulnerability training evidence *

* If you have not undertaken any vulnerability training, we would recommend the Certificate in Older and Vulnerable Consumer Care by SOLLA and Just. This free comprehensive interactive online training module is free, and takes around one hour to complete:

Standard 2:  Supportive Environment

A supportive environment is where there is provision of, or access to, technical and practical information allowing you to acquire, maintain and improve your relevant knowledge and advice skills in the area of later life lending advice. This standard is designed to demonstrate the environment in which you work and how this supports you and assists you in providing advice in the later life sector. This could be through:

  • Access to your own firm’s internal training and knowledge resources
  • Use of external training courses
  • Web based ‘know how’, updates, online forums
  • Links with relevant trade bodies or industry groups relevant to later life lending advice
  • Access to other knowledge based resources such as industry journals
  • Membership of appropriate organisations

If you are employed, you will need to demonstrate how your firm supports your later life lending knowledge and skills. For sole traders, there must be a commitment to provide a supportive environment showing that you allocate both time and resources to support yourself with this.

Standard 3:  Maintenance of Competence (CPD)

CPD records for the previous 12 months should be submitted in whatever format the candidate’s records are maintained. This should ideally be uploaded as a PDF file. 

Standard 4:  Application of Knowledge and Soft Skills (online resource module and assessment)

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be sent a link to the online resource module and assessment. This will take around an hour to read the training material and complete the multiple choice assessment. Once you receive your login details you will be given a deadline of two weeks in which to complete the assessment. 

The module should work in all browsers, but if you have any technical issues launching the resource module, or during using it, please do contact us. If your session is disrupted or your need to pause and come back to it, it should return to where you left off.

When you have completed the assessment your results for the assessment will be available imediately. The pass mark is 80%. If you do not achieve the pass mark you will be given a second attempt to complete the assessment. You can then also download the certificate for this module, for your CPD records.